Still in Hong Kong

So, I'm still in Hong Kong. This seems to be one of those places that I really can't leave - I like it here and I haven't even done anything much special. Anyway, just writing a short entry now to tell you that I'm fine, that I've had some more headache but that it has mostly been due to last nights activites (although I still feel the original headache - it's there but it doesn't hurt much at all).

Uploaded lots of pictures from Bangkok and Hong Kong as well, so be sure to check them out! The night views over Hong Kong from the Victoria Peak are fabulous!!!

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Åsa Detterfelt sa...

Hej Anders,
Jag läser din blogg och tycker det är både intressant och spännande att följa dig. Fast jag blir orolig när jag läser om din huvudvärk. Du borde prata med en läkare!