Last day in Luang Prabang?

Yesterday was at least as lazy as the day before. I didn't achieve to do anything, apart from finding a bar in the evening that had a pool table where I spent the whole evening, sharing a bottle of lao-lao (lao whiskey) with James (the Canadian). Oh yeah - we went for bowling also - the only thing that is allowed to stay open later than midnight. It was fun to do some bowling, but after a fair amount of lao-lao, the results is bound to be quite bad. First time I've played bowling bare-footed as well, it wasn't that bad and playing in flip-flops were absolutely impossible.

The things I had planned to do and failed utterly to do was:
- Buy a book to read (I did find a book shop however, but then I saw the pool table next doors)
- Get a haircut
- Buy scissors for my fingernails, I've lost the last three ones (I did actually find scissors and bought them, but they didn't work so I returned them - thus still no scissors)
- See the town and some temples (I did leave the main street today though - progess)
- Upload the last pictures

Since I failed to do any of those things yesterday, the plans for today are pretty much the same. Except that I will also try to buy tickets for a bus to Vhang Vien tomorrow morning, I think it's time for a new town now.

I've already uploaded the lasat pictures from Vietnam now - so now you can see great photos of the Bac Ha market, interesting photos from local bus rides and some nice pictures from Mai Chau.

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till vilken adress vill du ha mailet?