Luang Prabang

Now I'm spending my, erm, third day in Luang Prabang and it stills feels as if I haven't seen the town yet. First day we went to the waterfalls and partying in the small village, so no town sightseeing then. Yesterday I slept until 11 am, took a long nice shower, went for a breakfast at the "Scandinavian Bakery" - lovely sandwiches, hot chocolate and pineapple juice, yumie! - and after that I went to the Internet cafe where I ended up spending a long time, writing about everything that I've done the last few days and uploading a lot of pictures. After Internet I went for a nice Indian dinner by myself which was very nice. Had a chicken vindaloo which cleared my sinuses and made me feel good again! :) Had some beers with a girl from Canada and then I went to bed really early. Today I've been relaxing as well - haven't accomplished anything apart from seeing a nice temple (no camera though, so I have to go back I suppose). Perhaps I should get some lunch now and try to find me a book and then get my camera. In the evening I'm climbing the hill here to see a nice temple in the sunset, supposedly very good views as well.

It feels nice to be just resting for a while - taking a vacation from traveling. I needed that! One-three more days and I'll be ready for more traveling again!

The last pictures from Vietnam will be uploaded tonight!

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