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After hanging out with a Canadian couple for some days now and meeting only native English-speakers I find myself thinking and dreaming in English as well. So I'm switching to English for the blog as well - I'm sure that won't be a problem for anyone and it makes it a lot easier for me really! :)

I got an e-mail from one of the Finnish girls today, so I checked her blog. You might want to read it to get another side of the same story (regarding Ko Lipe and the dive course). There is also some great photos of the island, the Finnish girls and also some pictures of me that I really like (especially me playing with that Thai-kid in the restaurant - that was awesome!). Check her blog about Thailand at http://laurah.vuodatus.net/blog/376757 .

Tonight I had the cheapest accomodation so far. I should pay $3 for my double room - so that's a good price. However the two Australian girls that I met in Siam Reap arrived to our guesthouse yesterday and it was full. So I let them take my double room and I took a single bed in this Irish guy's room. Then they paid me $5 for the double room and they wouldn't accept the change - which means that I just earned $2 for staying here or that I'm paying $1 for two nights if you will.

Now it's time for the Killing Fields, the S-21 prison/school/museum and then some other sights in the city. I reckon it will quite a rough day - the history of Cambodia is indeed horrible and today this reality might just hit me in the guts! I will write more about it when I find the time.

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