Rooftop accomodation

Haha. As it turns out, my $2 room is a rooftop room. With a nice view over Hanoi. I love it. And by rooftop I literally mean rooftop. I have to climb some small stairs to the fourth floor, then I have to go up one more small steel stair leading to something that I suppose used to be the roof but is now surrounded by something working as walls. From there I climb one more ladder and then walk over some kind of planks of wood to get to my room. Just beside my room is the family room where they sleep, eat and have their family altar where they are burning incense. The reason I have a view over the city is partly that one of the walls is a "window" and partly because the other wall have small holes in it. Lucky me I got blankets to sleep in, might get cold otherwise.

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Olle sa...

"Room with a view" is what you got (this is the title of a well-known English novel by E. M. Forster about two Victorian ladies setting out to hire rooms in Firenze - a charming story about the British thawing a bit in the Mediterraean setting). Airy it sounds. What are the night temperatures?


Anonym sa...

Hej Anders
Du verkar föra en alldeles förträfflig tillvaro.... Ta med lite värme hem...
Kram från moster Liz

Fredrik sa...

Du, ett tänkbart scenario: Vad händer om du är ute och dricker några öl, blir något mer än salongsberusad, och därefter ska hem när du måste ta dig upp för en liten stege upp på ett tak?

Förrästen, du dricker inte öl. Du hittar öl för 1 krona styck. Du börjar dricka öl. Är inte det lite alkisvarning? :D